Arbitration Lets You Settle Business Conflicts

Without the Public Knowing

Our Services

Jackson-Matthews Mediation & Arbitration we conduct business, divorce, faith-based, child custody, contractor, and other disputes.  You can count on us to help you settle not only personal disputes but also business conflicts. We serve clients in the Houston metropolitan area in Texas. See the list of our services and contact us for more information.

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  • Commercial Business
  • Elderly and Adult Care
  • Family
    ○ Divorce – With or Without Children
    ○ Property Settlement
    ○ Children – Possession and Access (Parents Can Either Be Ordered by Court or Self-Initiated to Undergo Mediation)
    ○ Agreement Modifications
    ○ Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship
  • Parenting Coordination and Facilitation
  • Business Conflict Management Systems Design and Implementation
  • Faith-based

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